Saturday, November 27, 2010

The worst movie I have ever watched…. Harry potter 7 #hp7

Yesterday night (from 8.30PM to 10.50PM) I watched this crap and believe me those were the longest minutes ever in my life. I will never get that time of my life back. It really sucks..

I do not know about you readers, but for me the harry potter is more like harry zilch. After all, it is a book for kids.. I couldn't understand why these adults are going crazy about it. Sometimes I feel that it is also become more like the well-known “vegetarian” phenomena, nothing but showing off by many people. It’s just a fantasy story, and I think it does not have any background (either scientific or as a fantasy). And the people who loved it this much.. Well I guess they never enjoyed a fantasy in their childhood or may be for the entire life time..
it is not original, not creative. The main actor could be the worst ever I have seen, most boring acting and no descriptive scenes at all. They are jumping here and there and trying to build up a storyline which they never succeeded at all.
Finally, these stories were composed for wide-eyed kids and not for jaded adults..

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