Shaking web live wallpaper

Shaking web live wallpaper is an Android based live wallpaper, which shakes a web on users touch as well as based on the accelerometer. It’s currently supporting for Android versions 2.1 and 2.2. Further, the application has the modes like continuous and interactive. In addition, in the continuous mode users have an option to control the speed of shaking based on the battery level of the device.
This is a simple application I wrote and it's the first for Android platform from me. :) Amazingly, there were 17 downloads in the market place in 4 hours after releasing the app. Hope you ll love it, try it and comment.. and don't forget to rate in the Android market!! (five stars?? :D ) 

Cheers!! Tap & Shake!!

This is the direct link to the app in Android market..

and a screenshot..