Friday, November 19, 2010

Tweets from the Space

This is amazing.. the social media even populer in space nowadays. Several images were published via twitter by current ISS commander from space as engadget says this morning. He is also the first person who signed in to foursquare, the location service from the space. I believe in near future they will tweet the first shots of an alien race who met in the space station.
I very much hope so.. but are we still too primitive to them??

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Everybody thought we'd have a revolution in energy, instead we had a #revolution in #information"

Just saw this attractive quote from this: Where it describes how we got the blu-ray technology!! fascinating...
Talking about the title itself, although we had a revolution in information and processing power still there is this fundamental problem, "Power". Researchers are yet to find out the ultimate power source for the betterment of all human beings (hopefully this will be a greener and cleaner source like Nuclear energy). In a way power may be the fundamental problem in any technologically advanced civilization!!

7th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE) 2010 #ace2010

This time ACE 2010 will be held on Taiwanese soil from today (17 Nov 2010) to 19 Nov 2010. It is a pleasure/unique that around 12 of CUTE Center members are attending the conference this time (and needless to say the quietness in the lab… ha ha).
I thought to write something from last year #ace where Ken and myself were attending in Athens, Greece. In a way it was a hectic experience with two demo setups and three presentations (Petimo and Poetry Mix-Up), but at the end it was a memorable event in my life.. "First time I saw the usage of Greek letters other than the mathematical equations..!!" and the "new Acropolis museum…" it was unique.. really..
The cold and perfect weather (bit dry though), the pigeons, museums, The Acropolis.. it was awesome!! Thinking of visiting Greece again sometime in the future……….