Saturday, October 30, 2010

My new Sony A series walkman..

Almost 2 months passed, wonder why I forgot to write something on my new Sony digital MP4 player. To be precise it is a WALKMAN® MP3 - A Series (NWZ-A845/B). When I was searching the fitting product the only criterion was to find the superior sound quality with the best equalizer. Well, I was succeeded!! This is an awesome player with super nice sound with digital enhancements. Sony introduced the new DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) with the noise cancelling ear buds.. totally awesome and cool. It has all the features for a music lover.. 3D sound, equalizer, amplifier, bass and stereo boost…….. etc. What I like most about it is it doesn't have any fancy features like various sensors and the like and it focuses and serves its primary function very well!

Still, I remember the first walkman player I had!! I did many experiments and hackings with that. I think that was back in 1994!! thanks to my dad. Ha ha.. the walkman cassette player with the FM radio. It may be some where in my house back in Sri Lanka with my other gadgets!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shaking web live wallpaper – new release – v4.0

Added features: optimized shaking algorithm, shaking speed based on battery level (effective on continuous mode), shaking by shaking the phone (on interactive mode)
Released version 4.0 on Android market place.. please try using the QR code below.. NOW U CAN SHAKE THE WEB BY SHAKING THE PHONE!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shaking web live wallpaper - after 2 weeks

It is not bad at all!! According to the Google data there are round 1400 downloads within 2 weeks for this live wallpaper. It is quite interesting; to be honest I didn't think that this could go this well.
And I released latest 3.5 version in android app market with added features such as enable shaking based on remaining battery power and an optimized new algorithm focusing a better battery life.
Please use the QR code to install and try this version.. Don’t forget to leave me a comment.. Of course and to rate it with five stars!!