Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chariots of the gods from 70s by Erich Von Daniken

As I tweet this few days back I finished reading this book, which I was searching for years. Finally, got it from Kinokunia, KL bookstore. Anyone as crazy as me about the universe and a strong believer of alien races, this book is for you!

In fact, this was written and first published in 1970, and it was immediately recognized as a work of immense importance when it introduced the theory that ancient earthlings had contacts with aliens. What makes it more appealing and exciting to read is he did not just present his wild thoughts, he presented several unknown and unexplainable facts all around the world; from ancient cultures we had: Mayan, Egyptian, Indian, as well as Incan. And his original thought is the aliens who visited the ancient earthlings are alien astronauts.

Below are several artifacts he used to make arguments on his original thought,

  • Sophisticated batteries found in Bronze Age cities
  • An alien astronaut preserved in a pyramid with drawings
  • Thousands of years old spaceflight navigation maps and the maps of earth drawn as can be seen from the outer space
  • Mayan, Incan, and Egyptian knowledge of mathematics and astronomy

And many more…… feeling dizzy? You must read this book..

Despite the fact that it is a great and delightful archive, I found the way his arguments are presented rather straightforward. However, the author does not expect the reader to believe all his theories (as I guessed), he just wants people to open their minds a little and question things more.

After reading this one could certainly argue that this is a waste of money and time or it is in lack of scientific integrity. Well, I don't truly believe all his theories, but they are incredibly fascinating and tempting. In a way, again the fundamental question raises whether you believe the existence of alien races or not. People who believe they gonna like this for sure!!

I am a believer of the existence of alien races in the universe; there are so many hidden facts and artifacts. We even don’t know about earth and human beings, so how can we possibly sure about there are no living beings in this vast universe.

When I was reading this, I was thinking that even in Sri Lanka there are many unexplained ruins, archaeological findings, as well as myths/legends. In particular the ancient kingdom Sigiriya, and also the ancient temples and ruins of palaces, tanks, and many more.. Even the modern technology couldn't explain the existence of those ancient creations. One thing for sure definitely they are not primitive. Best example is the recent discovery of iron melting pots: the ancients were using natural wind on mountains to acquire the necessary temperature to melt iron for making swords and stuffs.. Incredible isn’t it??