Friday, December 3, 2010

A Glimmer of Nature's Beauty.... selected snaps from my third eye....

A new blog for the snaps I have taken and the selected ones that I like and love most.
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Lab warmed with David Freeman workshop #new #cute #mxr

We had a whole day workshop conducted by David Freeman on the methods of delivering public speeches and storytelling techniques (on yesterday - 02122010). Well, that was great and unique experience. The workshop kick started with a 20-minute session by looking into someone’s eyes directly. Then after, another session, where we practiced our “spiritual powers” and how we can use them before a presentation. Followed by many secret techniques we can use when preparing to deliver a speech.

Several key points,
  • When delivering a speech you have 2 types of audience: your friends and your future friends
  • When walking to your talk, right posture is critical
  • Do shake hands with the audience before the talk
  • Be present by noticing everything in the room
  • Keep good posture and look in eyes of the audience

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CUTE Center / Mixed reality lab.. in a new location

CUTE Center has moved yesterday to a new and larger space (within the same building though) with all the people from both MXR and MIME labs in NUS, Singapore. The floor plan and arrangement are decent although some complains from the students. First argument is the large area allocated for workshops that are going to be used occasionally. Second is the position of working areas. We have requested to accommodate the working areas near the window so that we can look long distances through the window to rest our eyes a little bit. Anyway, they are not very strong complains. Let’s try to be positive and work hard to generate more innovations. Fingers crossed!!