Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some pictures from the Vesak day 2011 at Sri Lankaramaya, Singapore

“Every appliance at home can be considered as a possible input output device”….

I captured this phrase from the Google IO Keynote presentation on Android@Home project. There the developers are fully focusing on controlling all the possible home appliances through Android platform. They demoed a new bulb, which can be controlled through Android mobile phones.

But what I most attracted is, I could imagine the possibilities of using these in Ubiquitous computing and Human computer interaction research works; we can reuse the existing appliances without adding more and more ubiquitous devices for different purposes. Think about a new room air condition system, which additionally has a radio, alarm, music player, RSS reader, etc. I would love to have one..!! Think about using your refrigerator for different everyday information input and output…

Google IO Extended in Singapore 2011

This year I have registered for the Google IO extended event held in Google HQ in Singapore. There were around 100 – 120 participants and had many fruitful discussions with fellow developers attended. Interestingly, none of them are involving in Android core developments and most of them are application developers. I got the opportunity to present my two fun live wallpapers developed in my leisure time. Check the images as well!