Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shaking web live wallpaper....

Finally on the Android app market..... to download search for "shaking web" or "shaking web live wallpaper" or else use the barcode.

Shaking web live wallpaper is an Android based live wallpaper, which shakes a web on users touch. It’s currently supporting for Android versions 2.1 and 2.2. Further, the application has the features like move to SD card. This is a simple application I wrote and it's the first for Android platform from me. :) Amazingly, there were 17 downloads in the market place in 4 hours after releasing the app.
Hope you ll love it, try it and comment.. and don't forget to rate in the Android market!! (five stars?? :D )

Cheers!! Tap & Shake!!

This is the direct link to the app in Android market..

and a screenshot..

Software Engineering To Hardware Engineering....

Designed and soldered a circuit after almost 10 years with the help from Prof. Nii in my lab. It was designed to drive a peltier module to control the temperature. I still remember during my high school I was crazy to build small circuits such as the popular “Knight Rider” circuit, FM radios, and the like. The last one I built as I can remember was a music visualizing LED board. However, as far as I can remember that board was not working and I couldn't figure out the problem. Later, the interest of computer programming sort of killed my interest for electronics.. but who knows what future is? :)