Monday, June 27, 2011

CRICKET: The greatest ODI opener of all time "Sanath Jayasuriya"

"As Jayasuriya walks to write his swan song, millions of cricket fans across the world, would hope that the maestro composes a symphony that deserves its prelude. History might have to wait for eternity, before a player could ‘scythe’ fast bowlers over point or lift them over midwicket on one leg, with smithy like arms. The man, who was the ODI batting equivalent of Joel Garner with the ball, deserves to walk away with his head held high, to the standing applause of an audience that would witness ‘greatness’ fade away into the distant horizon."


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some pictures from the Vesak day 2011 at Sri Lankaramaya, Singapore

“Every appliance at home can be considered as a possible input output device”….

I captured this phrase from the Google IO Keynote presentation on Android@Home project. There the developers are fully focusing on controlling all the possible home appliances through Android platform. They demoed a new bulb, which can be controlled through Android mobile phones.

But what I most attracted is, I could imagine the possibilities of using these in Ubiquitous computing and Human computer interaction research works; we can reuse the existing appliances without adding more and more ubiquitous devices for different purposes. Think about a new room air condition system, which additionally has a radio, alarm, music player, RSS reader, etc. I would love to have one..!! Think about using your refrigerator for different everyday information input and output…

Google IO Extended in Singapore 2011

This year I have registered for the Google IO extended event held in Google HQ in Singapore. There were around 100 – 120 participants and had many fruitful discussions with fellow developers attended. Interestingly, none of them are involving in Android core developments and most of them are application developers. I got the opportunity to present my two fun live wallpapers developed in my leisure time. Check the images as well!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What can and what cannot be computed?

This is an exceptionally valid question for all the researchers in the world, and I think it will be never ending. Computing, literally starts with counting machines (calculators; inspired from the abacus) and look where we are now. How many things we have added to resolve through the power of computing from your daily schedules to space-shuttle programs. However, there remains a plenty of domains to be studied more rigorously and closely to enhance the capabilities. By studying these new and unsolved domains, we may adapt more analog domains into rapidly growing digital world at present. Furthermore, at the same time we are advancing the power and capabilities of computer science too.

To explain clearly let me introduce an example, suppose we could digitize the necessity of sleeping. At the moment, sleeping is an analog action where individual human beings should do to repair their bodies usually during the night time. However, it is proved and believed that the duration of sleeping along with several other factors is affecting one’s body health both mentally and physically. What if we can compute an effective way of sleeping for a particular person by analyzing personal parameters such as body condition, level of stress, dietary behaviors, and the likes? In the future, we could even think of implanting nanomachines (nanobots) to do this efficiently for an effective and healthier life style.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sri Lanka… a place like no other..

The Jade pendant in the Indian Ocean with best performing market in 2010, Sri Lanka… a place like no other..
Just watched this great video about Sri Lanka on Facebook (which posted by a friend of mine) and want to share with you all!! I dont think its worth to explain to you now.. Please watch this video and you ll be amazed!! :) Bet U!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My new uOLED TV… (smile)

After several unsuccessful attempts with PIC16F88, I have managed to build a small and perfect control circuit with PIC18F2620 for 4D system’s uOLED display. I designed a new board with programming pins and a special serial connection to the OLED display. The display can be controlled by sending serial commands to it from PIC. Below are some photos the system with a simple test output. Any ideas to implement, drop me an email... :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

FYP 2011

Today mark the final day for another batch of final year project (FYP) students in Mixed Reality lab. In a way, it is a sad day, because every year they work with us so friendly and energetically though finally they are graduating and we (grad students) are continuing.. As usual, we saw several exciting demos with convincing results this year too. I take this opportunity to wish them all good luck and best wishes for their future endeavors!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

CWC2011 - Finals

1.2 Billion against 1.2 Million.... India VS Sri Lanka.. #CWC2011 finals..

Oh! What a tensed match that was.. still couldn't believe my eyes.. we lost to India!!
Well! I am talking about the India vs Sri Lanka finals in CWC2011. It was bit unfortunate nothing work out for Sanga, our captain, than the Mahela's great inning and Malinga's first few overs with two great dismissals. Everyone was blaming to fielding arrangement and performance in the field. 
Anyways finally Congrats for both teams for the great entertainment in the finals and India for winning the cup, Sri Lanka for the runners up..
Below are some snaps captured from Chijmes, Singapore, where they projected the live match and we watched.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CWC 2011 - Semifinals

What a week this has been.. What a match that was.. incredible win for Sri Lanka under tensed conditions against New Zealands. It all started from quarter finals, Australia was beaten by India.. Unbelievable!!
Below are my tweets during SL vs NZ semi finals:

  • OMG OMG OMG What a match this has been .. semi finals between Sri Lanka vs New Zealand #CWC2011
  • Woooo hoooo Sri Lanka to finals .... a great win against New Zealand in semi finals #CWC2011 what a moment this is...
  • Sri Lanka reach final with tense win: #CWC2011 #cricket #world-cup #2011 #srilanka

IEEE VR 2011

Writing after yet another busy period! the IEEE VR 2011 conference. It was held during 19 – 20 March 2011 at Suntec convention center in Singapore. I was there as a student-volunteer with few more students from MXR lab. It was my first student-volunteer experience in a conference and it was great! Had chances to attend the conference free.. and importantly talk to several high ranked professors.. got to know their research works and so on. Apart from those, there was a lab tour for conference attendees, which was to CUTE Center, MXR. Had to setup several demos and in return got good comments from them.
Below are two photographs taken during the conference,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cricket World Cup 2011 - CWC 2011

It’s again the summer of cricket in the region. The Cricket World Cup 2011 is held in three south Asian countries, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. This is the third time it has come to the subcontinent after 1987 and 1996. The opening ceremony, yesterday in Bangabandhu Stadium, was a spectacle there wasn't an empty seat in the stadium. From Sri Lanka, three singers were performed, Bathiya, Santhush and Iraj followed by a dance show “Sound of Waves”. Well!! Hope SRI LANKA can WIN this year too!!
Let the games begin from 19th of February 2011.

Jaya wewa SRI LANKA!! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sri Lanka visit 2011

Finally, after 2 years of counting, we have visited our home, our parents, relatives, friends…. Etc. in Sri Lanka. We were there from 29th Jan to 13th Feb 2011. Since we have visited many relatives, the trip was bit tiring though. However, at the end it was a great relief after months of working in the lab without any break. We visited Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic - and the Sacred Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura ( Especially, that was the first time I flew over the country in a day time. It was very nice to explore the country over the clouds and had a nice view of east coastal line from the flight. I will update the snaps into my photo blog soon and do tune into