Thursday, April 7, 2011

CWC2011 - Finals

1.2 Billion against 1.2 Million.... India VS Sri Lanka.. #CWC2011 finals..

Oh! What a tensed match that was.. still couldn't believe my eyes.. we lost to India!!
Well! I am talking about the India vs Sri Lanka finals in CWC2011. It was bit unfortunate nothing work out for Sanga, our captain, than the Mahela's great inning and Malinga's first few overs with two great dismissals. Everyone was blaming to fielding arrangement and performance in the field. 
Anyways finally Congrats for both teams for the great entertainment in the finals and India for winning the cup, Sri Lanka for the runners up..
Below are some snaps captured from Chijmes, Singapore, where they projected the live match and we watched.