Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What can and what cannot be computed?

This is an exceptionally valid question for all the researchers in the world, and I think it will be never ending. Computing, literally starts with counting machines (calculators; inspired from the abacus) and look where we are now. How many things we have added to resolve through the power of computing from your daily schedules to space-shuttle programs. However, there remains a plenty of domains to be studied more rigorously and closely to enhance the capabilities. By studying these new and unsolved domains, we may adapt more analog domains into rapidly growing digital world at present. Furthermore, at the same time we are advancing the power and capabilities of computer science too.

To explain clearly let me introduce an example, suppose we could digitize the necessity of sleeping. At the moment, sleeping is an analog action where individual human beings should do to repair their bodies usually during the night time. However, it is proved and believed that the duration of sleeping along with several other factors is affecting one’s body health both mentally and physically. What if we can compute an effective way of sleeping for a particular person by analyzing personal parameters such as body condition, level of stress, dietary behaviors, and the likes? In the future, we could even think of implanting nanomachines (nanobots) to do this efficiently for an effective and healthier life style.

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