Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gingerbread is on its way..

Lot of rumors are getting around on the next major release of Android operating system from the last week. There were several rumored conformations as well though.. And it seems that Honeycomb is v3.0 and Gingerbread is v2.3 based on several sources on internet..
As Google showcased on google IO 2010 there will be several new features on this release .. v2.3 aka Gingerbread.

  • New UI layer with restrictions for third party UI’s
  • Enhanced display system and UI subsystem for tablets
  • Open video codec platform
  • New Music platform – Google Music
  • Syncing facility 
  • Video chatting (based on the google video chat)
  • And enhanced ads, navigation, HTML5 support….. many more!!!!

Apparently, this version is targeting the higher end devices and obviously they have chosen N1 configuration as the recommended ………
On the other hand the rumors on Nexus Two is coming out too!! What a week for Android lovers!! :)
I m ready with my N1 to rock!!
credit: phandroid.com