Friday, December 3, 2010

Lab warmed with David Freeman workshop #new #cute #mxr

We had a whole day workshop conducted by David Freeman on the methods of delivering public speeches and storytelling techniques (on yesterday - 02122010). Well, that was great and unique experience. The workshop kick started with a 20-minute session by looking into someone’s eyes directly. Then after, another session, where we practiced our “spiritual powers” and how we can use them before a presentation. Followed by many secret techniques we can use when preparing to deliver a speech.

Several key points,
  • When delivering a speech you have 2 types of audience: your friends and your future friends
  • When walking to your talk, right posture is critical
  • Do shake hands with the audience before the talk
  • Be present by noticing everything in the room
  • Keep good posture and look in eyes of the audience

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