Friday, January 15, 2010

Late new year wishes!! :)

2010!! Firstly, wishing you a happy and prosperous new year!! Secondly sorry for the late posting this. I was really busy with some works and catch-ups last few weeks. However, visited and explored Malaysia few days in the past holidays. Petronas towers are really fascinating in the night especially in 31st night and its all bright silver...
Normally, I don't like to exploring the city life and always want to interact with the environment, specially with forests. This may be due to the village life i used to live in Sri Lanka, and I m pretty comfortable when I see green. But this time I love KL trip coz I found the Kinokuniya book store in KL and the books are pretty cheap. I was like crazy to choose books, and finally ended up with buying a really cool book titled "Brain Sense". And the journey by bus from Singapore to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia also a good point to discuss here. Even though it took around 4 hours it's such a wonderful journey to me, mostly because of the green and the mountains.

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